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Ipusukilo Children’s Trust

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Our name Ipusukilo means "salvation" or “place of refuge” in the local Bemba language of Zambia.

For many years we have been working amongst the children and homeless of Chingola and have realised that the need is more than just food and clothes.

Ipusukilo Children's Trust has been set up for the work with children in and around Chingola and it is our desire to reach out to these children showing them God’s love in some of the ways detailed on this site.

In March 2010 we opened the first of our hostels to orphans and vulnerable children who started to adapt to new surroundings and the love of a caring home. Our second hostel was opened in July 2012 with another mayo and more children. As our children were getting older and bigger, we opened a third hostel in 2014.

Please take time to explore our site to find out more about the project and see how God has blessed this work over the years. For the latest from Ipusukilo, please check our blog by clicking on the tab to the left.

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